Reverse Whois Lookup

Reverse Whois lookups are checks that we do in our domain database to provide you with all domains of a single domain owner by searching Whois records based on the Whois detail you have - phone number, email address, postal address, etc.

Since our database is one of the few world giants, our search results are extensive. We source them from 625+ million domain names including all gTLD and ccTLD extentions. We have improved our query management and Whois record parsing system and are ready to offer you the reverse Whois data you need in a format you choose.

The best thing about our reverse Whois service is that it is so versatile in its use. For example, when you find all domains belonging to the same owner, you can carry out all kinds of research:

Reverse Whois searches are a key tool in cybercrime investigations such as fraud detection, intrusion detection, piracy schemes, etc. because they allow investigators to find all domains offenders and their associates use.

Brand owners may use reverse Whois lookups for uncovering trademark infringements such as cybersquatting. Knowing the rest of the infringer's domains prevents future violations as well. Sometimes domains have private Whois so owner details are not available. Our reverse IP, NS server and MX records services come in handy because you can find all websites sharing the same IP address, name server or MX records.

We are committed to providing full investigation tools for businesses and law enforcement agencies alike. If you need Whois research, IP lookups, Reverse IP, NS, and MX services, contact us now and see what we can do for you!

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